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Sentinel UltraPro Product FAQ

What platforms does Sentinel UltraPro support?

Sentinel UltraPro supports Apple Macintosh, IBM AIX, Linux Redhat, Microsoft Windows, and Sun Solaris. Sentinel UltraPro 6.3x supports cross-platform deployment for applications on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh with the Sentinel UltraPro USB key.

How do you support evaluation licenses with UltraPro?

You can set up evaluation, or try-before-you-buy, license models with the Sentinel UltraPro shell program (Automatic Protection) or by using the API. In either case you have the ability to select the criteria for your trial period. For example you can base the trial license on time, a fixed number of executions or a set expiration date. When the evaluation license expires you can remotely update the Sentinel UltraPro key with an additional trial license or upgrade to a fully functioning application.

What is the implementation time for Sentinel UltraPro?

The time it takes to implement Sentinel UltraPro varies depending on the level of expertise of your development engineers, the type of security and license models that you plan to implement, and the number of applications you need to protect. Using the Sentinel UltraPro Shell option you can protect an application in five to fifteen minutes on average. Using the Sentinel UltraPro API you can implement protection in one day; more complex implementations require additional programming.

How do I get started with Sentinel UltraPro?

We offer a Sentinel UltraPro Evaluation Kit that you can use to test the creation and implementation of software protection with a Sentinel hardware key. Our starter pack includes the software and 10 keys. Click here to request a Kit.

Why Sentinel?

Sentinel has been securing applications from piracy for longer than any other software protection vendor. International Data Corporation's independent research shows that Sentinel is the market leader worldwide for software license authentication tokens. Sentinel UltraPro is the most secure with the highest level of flexibility for the developer. Over 35 million applications are seamlessly protected and licensed with Sentinel hardware keys. Click here to request a SDK .