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Why Sentinel?

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Sentinel, The Software Protection Standard
Software developers have trusted Sentinel hardware keys or dongles for over 20 years to protect license revenues and prevent software piracy. The Sentinel series of products became part of SafeNet's solutions with the merger of Rainbow Technologies and SafeNet Inc. in March 2004. Software application developers who want strong security choose Sentinel dongles to protect their applications from software pirates, thereby ensuring license revenues, enforcing license agreements, and protecting intellectual property and target markets. Sentinel SuperPro multi-platform hardware keys help you as an Independent Software Vendor protect your revenues and enforce your license agreements. Click here to order a Sentinel SuperPro SDK now.
With your Sentinel SuperPro SDK you'll receive a Sentinel SuperPro hardware key, the Sentinel SuperPro Developers Toolkit, utilities, API's, libraries and sample code.

The Sentinel SuperPro hardware key is a programmable device that includes proprietary algorithms and customizable read/write memory. Your application communicates with the Sentinel SuperPro key to determine if the user is authorized to execute your application. Software pirates may copy your application, but without the presence of the correct Sentinel SuperPro hardware key, they cannot execute your application. Your intellectual property, time and expertise are protected, as well as your license revenues and potentially your target market in general.

Sentinel SuperPro keys are available in USB, standard parallel port and 797 "tiny" parallel port versions. The Sentinel SuperPro driver is 'Windows Hardware Quality Labs' certified for Windows ® 2000 and Windows ® XP (32-bit). Sentinel is the only product line to offer a "tiny" parallel port key, which is ideal for laptop users.

Sentinel SuperPro easily integrates into a cross-platform operating environment with support for Windows®, Linux, and Macintosh operating systems. You can integrate Sentinel SuperPro once and leverage your integration work for all platforms. The same Sentinel SuperPro hardware key is used on all platforms interchangeably.



The Sentinel SuperPro Toolkit provides a unified and intuitive interface for designing your protection strategies and programming the hardware keys. With a single programming environment, you have the power to implement multiple proprietary algorithms in conjunction with the read/write memory in the Sentinel SuperPro hardware key which gives you the ability to securely and flexibly protect and license your applications. Additionally you can visually manage the on-key memory for your license management designs.

Highly Customizable
Because of its unique model of security and memory usage, Sentinel SuperPro is the product of choice among software developers who want the highest level of security and flexibility. Sentinel SuperPro hardware keys are the only hardware tokens to offer such a granular level of control.

Integrating Sentinel SuperPro with your Application
You can integrate Sentinel SuperPro hardware keys with your application in two ways:

  • Sentinel SuperPro provides a Shell program to protect your executables automatically. This method is the fastest way to protect your application and ideal if source code is no longer available.
  • For more customized software protection and license management implementations use the Sentinel SuperPro API's within your source code. Sentinel SuperPro API's allow you to tailor when and how your application communicates with the key. In addition, you have the flexibility to use the read/write memory for your customized license models. For instance, you may decide to license your application based on the feature or functionality that your clients paid for. Using the Sentinel SuperPro hardware key to secure your application, you could embed pre-defined codes for usage models within the key. Alternatively, you may decide to offer a version of your application in a leased or rental model. Using Sentinel SuperPro's algorithms and API's you can set time limits, allow a set amount of executions, or enable additional activations remotely upon payment from the customer.

To obtain the highest level of security for your application, we highly suggest that software protection and licensing be an integral part of your software development life cycle process.

Remotely Updating Users
Sentinel SuperPro's Field Activation capability ensures that you can easily update the hardware key remotely. For instance, you can remotely enable access to new versions, additional licenses, and additional features without removing the Sentinel SuperPro hardware key from your end-users' system.

Support for Networked Applications
Sentinel SuperProNet provides software protection for client-server applications and provides server monitoring to track license usage on the network. Sentinel SuperProNet for Windows supports TCP/IP, IPX, and NetBEUI. Sentinel SuperProNet for Linux supports TCP/IP.