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Rights Management

SafeNet provides rights management products and services that protect and enable revenue for intellectual property (IP). SafeNet rights management solutions serve three key industry segments:

  • Software - Application developers need to protect themselves from the relentless threat of piracy. Nearly $33 Billion in revenue was lost to piracy worldwide in 2004. Far beyond preventing piracy, an effective rights management solution also allows organizations to increase revenues through flexible licensing models and decrease operational costs through automation.
  • Entertainment - Providers of movies, music, games and other entertainment must also defend their revenue against piracy. Technology that has made piracy easier, such as P2P networks and broadband access, can actually represent new distribution channels for content providers equipped with rights management systems.
  • Enterprise - Enterprises need to protect the sensitive data they regularly create. From corporate financial data to private customer information, DRM technology enables enterprises to effectively control access to information.

    SafeNet's Rights Management solutions address the entire licensing and distribution process and are flexible enough to adjust to the business needs of our customers.

Software Protection

Over 35 million applications worldwide are protected by SafeNet's Sentinel Products. Sentinel products enable application developers to enforce the terms of their license agreements and protect revenue streams. As Sentinel Products provide flexible licensing options and automate license fulfillment and management, they allow ISVs to realize increased revenue opportunities and lower operational costs. Sentinel has been setting the standard for software protection since 1992.

  • Sentinel RMS is a complete software rights management solution that includes components for design, automated fulfillment, and ongoing management of licenses.
  • Sentinel Hardware Keys UltraPro - keys speed integration, manage licenses and offer the highest level security against piracy and license non-compliance
  • Sentinel Hardware Keys SuperPro - For current clients only
  • MediaSentry ServicesT protect and promote online content distribution. SafeNet helps clients detect and deter unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content and prosecute those who engage in piracy.

Entertainment Rights Management

Many entertainment content providers are realizing that the problem of piracy actually reflects an opportunity. Equipped with DRM solutions, content providers can create additional distribution channels and increasing revenue streams by securely distributing digital content to mobile and consumer devices. Mobile networks in particular offer advantages to content owners, with their vast reach and the continued advancement of standards in the mobile world.

  • DRM Mobile is a fast, flexible and scalable server-side solution for mobile Digital Rights Management. DRM Mobile enables the entire DRM process: content protection, rights management, license generation and license delivery to handsets as well as consumer electronic devices.
  • OMA DRM Server Toolkit is a server-side DRM software developer toolkit. OMA DRM Server Toolkit implements and complements the OMA V1.0 and V2.0 DRM specifications.
  • DRM Fusion is a carrier grade, flexible and scalable server DRM solution implementing and extending multiple DRM technologies such as Windows Media DRM 9 and 10 and OMA DRM while providing common integration interfaces.
  • MediaSentry ServicesT protect and promote online content distribution. SafeNet helps clients detect and deter unauthorized distribution of copyrighted content and prosecute those who engage in piracy.

Enterprise Rights Management

Corporations need to protect sensitive information both to prevent release to external sources as well as restricting access among employees. Confidential online information must be protected and access often needs to be restricted to a defined subset of employees. SafeNet's Enterprise Rights Management solutions not only enable an administrator to control and manage access, but can register the number of employees who accessed certain content.

  • DRM Enterprise is an out of the box DRM solution based on Microsoft's Windows Media DRM and enables corporate communication without adding any client software. It enables live and on-demand corporate content and applies to downloadable as well as streaming video and audio.